Friday, May 18, 2012

Young Mbambu Sylvia is desperate

14-yr old Mbambu Sylvia is vision-impaired and lives in Kibota village in Maliba sub-county of Kasese District of Uganda. Her mother, Virina, does not live with the family because Sylvia’s mentally disabled father threatened to kill her.

Under the circumstances, Sylvia heads the family and takes care of her two brothers, Masereka Nicson, 11, and Kule Nelson, 9, and her younger sister , 12-yr old Biira Monica who also has low vision.

When Sylvia’s father goes out, he collects and brings home whatever his eyes can see and his hands can reach like dead chickens, left-over foods, rotten goods, dirty filthy materials, grass, whatever. This makes mess in the house and even poses health hazards. On top of all this, some neighbours have been taking advantage of the situation. They buy land from her father for very little money in return. Sylvia is worried that soon they will become landless.

Treatment of her father is wiping out family savings fast and this has affected Sylvia’s and her sibling’s education because the family does not have the funds for their school fees and expenses. In addition, she has to also pay for her father’s medical treatment and her family’s daily living expenses.

She is desperately looking for help with about $400. Please help this young woman. Whatever amount you can contribute will be gratefully accepted. Please respond.

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